Facility Maintenance

To Our Customers At Secure Storage – Redlands,

On April 2nd, 2021, Secure Storage mailed to you a post card advising you of an upcoming maintenance project for the facility. Please be aware of the following dates and information:

When Will The Maintenance Take Place?

We will close access to the storage facility (self storage units, RV Storage units, and private mail boxes) on May 12th, 2021 at 6PM and will not re-open the facility to customers until May 14th, 2021 at Noon.

What Maintenance Will Occur?

On May 13th we will have the asphalt re-sealed & slurry coat applied.

Do I Need To Do Anything?

All we ask of all our customers is that if you need to access the storage facility (your mailbox, storage unit, or RV Parking Space) that you do so before May 12th, 2021 at 6PM. The site will be closed to all customers from 6pm until May 14th, 2021 at Noon time. This is to ensure that the maintenance can be completed and the seal has a proper amount of time to adhere.

If you are one of our RV Storage customers, we ask that you remove your vehicle from the parking space during the repair time so that your space may be sealed & re-stripped. If you are unable to, we will skip the sealing of your space and work around it.

Be Advised: No customer access will be granted to the facility during the times of May 12th at 6PM to May 14th at Noon, 2021 for any reason. If you are to attempt to access the site during this time, you will be held responsible for any damage(s) that you cause.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Secure Storage – Redlands

31547 Outer Hwy 10 S., Redlands, CA 92373

(909) 219-9336