Upgraded Hallway Security

Hello Valued Customer!

Effective February 12th, 2021, here at our Redlands location, we have beefed up security & safety for our hallway access storage units. To access your storage unit:

(A) At the main gate, enter your gate access code at the keypad (tailgating is not allowed), drive to your hallway entrance;

(B) You will notice that there is a combination disc cylinder lock locking the hallway door. To open the lock, line the 4 dials to the combination that was provided to you by text message and/or at the time of move in. The dial must be in line with the line on the lock.


(C) Now that the lock is unlocked, you can leave the lock to fall aside. The chain will ensure that the lock does not go too far.

(D) When you are leaving, please close the hallway door, close the hasp, and return the lock. 


Adding this extra security to the hallway doors will help ensure extra security to your stored items and peace of mind. 

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 909-219-9336, we are open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm (Closed 1pm-2pm for lunch) & Sunday 11am to 4pm.