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1311 East Kent Avenue North, Vancouver, BC, V5X4T6

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  • MON - FRI9:30am - 6pm
  • SAT, SUN9:30am - 5pm
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  • Daily6am - 10pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Maria Criscuoli

1 year ago
We had an amazing experience with StorageMart! We were really impressed by the cleanliness of the place and by how easy it was to rent the unit. They have great customer service and the manager showed us the facility and clearly explained the rules and what to expect in case of long-term storage. Thanks you StorageMart for going the extra mile to make us feel welcome!! I wholeheartedly recommend this place to solve your storage issues!

Brian Joe

1 year ago
Had a great experience while renting space at Storage-Mart. The facility was accessible 24x7, well lit, clean and very well maintained. Management was helpful and courteous. I recommend Storage-Mart to any one needing space and will do business with them if needed in the future.

Joyous Zhao

1 year ago
Have been a long time, repeat client with this storage. Very convenient with great customer service there. Thanks a lot!

Margie Savigny

1 year ago
We just emtied our locker after two years. We could not have been more pleased with our experience with StorageMart. It was clean, secure and the staff were always pleasant and helpful.


2 years ago
I had rented a locker for about 4 months and each and every time I had a question or request, the staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. Unfortuantely, I don't remember the male and female staff's name, but they seem to be the only ones there most of the time. I decided to go with StorageMart for the price, location and 24 hour access. The friendly and helpful staff was a big bonus. The lockers and the entire place was clean, secure and well-lit. I would definitely recommend and rent from this StorageMart.

Dorie Dimoff

1 year ago
My husband and I needed storage in a hurry! And without any fuss. And that's just what we got! We set up an appointment with Barbara. Dropped in for a twenty minute tour of the facilities. Barbara was so very patient with our many questions about cost and availability. She showed us 3 storage units - those that were close to the elevator and those that were less expensive a little further away. The lighting is great. The temperature is cool, which is great if your hauling boxes around. And the whole place is super clean. But the best part about our experience was Barara!

William Alex Watts

1 year ago
It a good experience and will need to up grade to a larger unit as i need more space.

Svetlana Avramova

1 year ago
The customer service and the storage space were excellent.

Kari Beaudoin

10 months ago
Staff here are great. This location is also very clean.

Russell Kling

2 years ago
Clean, fair-priced, front desk very helpful. Not sure anyone should expect anything more from a storage facility, but I've been very impressed with the service provided to date. Couldn't ask for more, would recommend them to friends and family in a heartbeat.

Csaba Knezy

10 months ago
The location is close to the Knight Street bridge and easy access off Kent. The place is very clean, professional active pest control, professional and courteous staff. If you are looking for a good - reasonably priced place to store furniture while renovating, this is the place for you.

Luther Fairbairn

5 months ago
The place is clean and cared for. The staff are helpful and courteous. No problems with access or loading. All this and competitively priced. Thank you, Storage Mart!

David Spry

3 months ago
Great storage facility, heated in winter always very clean and tidy. Great staff who care. Had belongings here for over a year and always knew they would be safe.

John S.

2 years ago
We chose this company and location because it is clean and bright; not because it was the closest or the least expensive. The staff have been very helpful and informative. The only negative is that we had a short wait for a cart. Don't know how many moving carts are available but I guess at month end/month start they are all being used.

Middy Liao

1 year ago
The customer service here is great. The only con is the company raises rent too often, in my opinion.

Alexemilio Cajan

10 months ago

MLee Larson

3 months ago
Not bad, reasonably priced but only open during business hours

Greg Fenrick

1 year ago
We returned an unused, still flat box, with a receipt and they claimed it wasn't one of their boxes and gave us a hassle. They finally processed the Visa charge, but had to phone a supervisor to approve it. Very strange.

Gennifer Miller

1 year ago
After about 10 months, they jerk up the rent. And the last time I was in there, she had the NERVE to ask me to up my rating from three stars to four. I was GOING to wait until I was finished with them to do it and describe my experience, including the fact that as a transit rider, that location sucks, second only to truly inaccessible places like that one on Mitchell Island. But, since I HAVE to be out by the time they jerk up my rent, I don't need to worry about giving them 4 stars anymore, now do I? You're supposed to REWARD your long term tenants, not penalize them!!!

t tung

1 year ago
They are different when you join them and do not give accurate info. Later turn their faces. Ad is misleading. Prorated is only when you join, when you leave, they charge for full month, even if you leave on the 1st date of the month. Whenever you go there, they are begging to ask for good reviews.

Pacifico Martin

10 months ago

Larry Serpa

1 year ago
Supposedly open 7 days a week 24hrs a day. First they only let you in at 6am and no later then 11pm. Anything more then that you need special permission. Went there and they didn't give access on the holiday! Then not until 9:30am the next day. Bathroom is disgusting... Don't use it!!!

Manj&Patrice Kong

3 months ago
We were very pleased at the initial discounts they offered when we were looking for a rental space for a few months. We have used rental lockers in the past and have never had a bad experience and so we went ahead and rented. Fast forward to a few months later and we went to empty our locker and found 6 dead moths in one box as well as sheets and teddy bears that had been eaten. We are not inexperience with packing our items and had used a mix of totes (with lids of course) as well as boxes that had been taped closed. We were never informed at the front desk that we would need to seal our belongings "airtight" to ensure that "any number of bugs" that live on the premises would not damage our belongings. When I went to ask the front desk to let them know that they likely have moths infesting in their building and they should look into the issue, I was told that "all numbers of bugs and insects" come and go out of the building due to the sliding entry doors and that this was already noted on the lease contract and that they were not responsible for any damages. I don't care about the stuff that I had to throw out but at the same time the fact that they withheld this information from me when we first rented turns me off. At least give me the warning that there could be the possibility of moths/mosquitoes/other insects damage...I would have ensured that everything could have been airtight. I've never ever had THAT experience before and thanks to that, I would not recommend this place to anyone without making you aware of this. A storage facility shouldn't have moth issues and if they do, customers should be aware that and know what steps to take before renting or using it.

Keith Robinson

2 months ago
We were robbed twice at Storage Mart during a one month interval. The security system is completely inadequate. After the staff go home for the evening, Storage Mart remains open for several hours. Although that may seem like a convenient thing, after hours is the time that thieves have free range. These thieves (I assume) have their own rented units so can easily access the facility. It seems to be quite easy for them to climb on top of the units and cut through the wire that "protects" your precious belongings. The security cameras are inadequate--easy to avoid and not at all helpful to police. We had two different units robbed. On one, they dropped down through the wire. On the other, they seem to have drilled out the lock and spent the evening rummaging through all of our carefully packed boxes. What a mess! We lost a number of irreplaceable items and family heirlooms. Imagine what your might lose, should you rent from Storage Mart! After the second robbery we hired professional movers to get our stuff to a well-protected storage facility as soon as we could. Now we sleep at night. Please think twice about using Storage Mart.

Ann Burgher

1 month ago
My friend got robbed 2 times. Inside job! Dont trust them!! They dont care at all. Saw it first hand . not kind at all BIG Bullys !!
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Sharon T.

2 years ago
Do your research and ask all questions prior to booking. Their website is very misleading. They advertise that first month is free but when you call it's...
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