As an Assistant Facility Manager, you have many roles and hats that you'll play through the day. In this section we will break down the expectations, responsibilities, that come with being a facility manager at one of our self storage facilities.

Please note that this is a general expectation and the needs of the storage facility can fluctuate based on market needs, market conditions, etc. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.

JPK MGMT INC. is a privately held self storage management company based out of Boise, ID and operates several the daily operations of managed and owned self storage facilities. As a Facility Manager you will:

Daily Operations -

  • Opening & Closing the customer service office, which include, but not limited to;
  • Revenue Processing (Payments & Deposits)
  • Managing daily account receivables, processing past due & lien processing actions, such as,
  • Collection & Reminder calls about past due self storage accounts
  • Processing Lien Documents & Letters
  • Records keeping, this includes scanning items into a customer's account in the FMS, updating the customers information (such as contact information, lease agreements, insurance coverages, & note taking)
  • General cleaning of the self storage facility, customer lobby, office, restrooms, self storage units, RV parking spaces, and U-Haul rental equipment. A general expectation of what is required:
  • Self Storage Facility, this means removal of trash & debris from the parking lot, surrounding landscaping, and facility drive aisles
  • Customer lobby, this means ensuring that the customer lobby and office are clean, well stocked, and ready for customers
  • Restrooms, this means that the customer restroom must remain cleaned and well stocked throughout the day, multiple checks to ensure this
  • Self Storage Units, this means that when a unit becomes vacant / is vacant, that the unit walls are dusted down, the floor of the unit is swept (mopped if necessary), the unit door / track are cleaned of any debris, and the unit track / spring(s) are lubricated.
  • RV Parking spaces, this means that throughout a customer's stay and when the space becomes vacant / is vacant, the space is removed of trash and debris
  • U-Haul equipment (for locations that offer U-Haul rentals), this means that when equipment is returned to your location, you are completing the following items,
  • The cab of the truck is wiped down, the interior window is cleaned, & proper window screen signage is placed
  • The exterior windows & mirrors are cleaned for proper visibility
  • The cargo area of the equipment is swept and removed of all trash & debris
  • Sales & Tours of the Self Storage facility, that include, but not limited to:
  • Quoting & Showing the proper sized self storage unit to potential customers in-store
  • Quoting & Tracking all online & phone inquired & reservations via our FMS
  • Proper displaying & selling our retail items (Boxes, Tape, Moving Covers, Moving Supplies in General)
  • Touring the facility with potential customers
  • Enrollment in facility services such as
  • The Secure Protection Plan, self storage coverage for rented self storage units
  • The Tenant Protection Plan Plus, RV Storage coverage for rented RV storage
  • Enrollment in our automatic payment plan
  • Enrollment in additional services offered at your individual location
  • Run errands for the self storage facility (such as bank deposits & post office runs)
  • General upkeep of the facility, record keeping, and revenue management


Facility Manager's are expected to:

  • Work with limited supervision on daily operations and assignments given
  • Minimum experience in sales or marketing
  • Reliable transportation for company errands
  • Work week is Monday to Saturday as many of our locations are open 7 day a week
  • Overtime work may be required to assist customers and special projects
  • Work in inclement weather to clean the storage facility & units
  • Accurate Cash Accounting & Record Keeping
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • Rent / Stage / Prep U-Haul Rental Equipment
  • Rent / Stage / Prep Self Storage Units & RV Parking Spaces
  • Basic Computer & Microsoft Office Suite Skills

JPK MGMT INC is a smoke free environment.

JPK MGMT INC is an equal oppurtunity employeer 


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